the universe temple-

The world is falling apart… there are weather extremes, endless wars, famines and general dark times.
The player must learn about the universe temple, how to find it, its whereabouts and how to enter it, and finally make their way to the Universe Temple in order to re-balance the order of their world.
Along the way they must overcome challenges and obstacles and survive in their condemned world
The Universe Temple is reached by a portal that only appears when the player is wearing a gold crown and looking at the portal.

In a sunny green grassy field stands the small portal to the contrastingly darker interior of the Universe Temple. Once inside the player can look back through the portal to the grassy field.

The Universe temple itself is colossal. it is held up with huge arches and columns that tower above to the far roof of the temple and downward into a mist that envelopes and extends downwards an unknown distance. the player enters the temple on a narrow platform/path that is located just above the mist. the path extends before the player, it is attached to various columns at various heights, it twists and turns, up and down from column to column, heading to the centre of the Universe Temple.

the main light source is at the centre of the gigantic temple and the columns and arches throw their shadows on the walls.

there are other paths leading to the centre from other small portals. each portal leads to another world.  at the center all paths converge to a circular platform. Upon this Central platform sits a throne.

These portals leading to the central throne are the control a wizard once set up in order to rule the universe, that was hundreds of years ago and even he built his platforms and throne around existing columns, it is said that the temple and its arches were created before the universe, in the age of the gods.

the temple throne can be used by the player and is used in a Sim-city type game play. once the player has made changes they can then go and visit the world through the portal and see how their actions have changed the world. the player can decide whether they want to try and restore balance in there world. they may also want to change and/or to visit other worlds. there are various limits placed on the player, and they must visit different worlds in order to learn more world changing techniques to be used in the temple


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