scolded soldiers

Soldier Seth assured the sailors: “I sure saw a sore score of scolded soldiers’ stolen-solder-scalded shoulders smoulder”.  Shall several shaved sailors cease sailing thus savouring Seth’s shared scares?  “Thus sufficeth us” said scheming snails, sick of sticky scales and seething sea. so saying, six snails scaled ships sails, skipping soon to sides of six sleek swans soaring swiftly southwards, across the seething sea.


2 Responses to “scolded soldiers”

  1. credit to William Poundstone: “The seething sea ceaseth and thus the seething sea sufficeth us. “

  2. alternative tho not quiet as tounge twisting:
    Old soldier Calder assured colder sailors: “I sure saw a score of scolded soldiers’ stolen solder-scalded shoulders smoulder”. His bold tale was sold for sails, mailed, and unassailed by hailing gales, was unveiled, hailed, regaled in Braille, and detailed email was unveiled at curtailed scale to whalers’ snails. Wailing tailors bailed pails of quailing quails.

    hmm… and too many unailings

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